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BEST Olive Oil Brand in the U.S.

Farchioni Olive oil sweeps the world's largest olive oil competition with three gold metals.

Italian olive oil company, Farchioni swept the nations olive oil competitions in both New York and Los Angeles this year. At the New York International Olive Oil Competition, the largest and most distinguished olive oil competition in the world, Farchioni won three gold metals. In Los Angeles, Farchioni took a silver and a bronze metal. Farchioni has been making olive oil since 1780 in the mountainous region of Umbria in central Italy. 

Award Winning Olive Oils from Farchioni

  1. Selezione oli del Mediterraneo – this special edition oil is produced from the company’s best olive varieties.

  2. Collezione di famiglia – their hand harvested extra virgin oil.

  3. PDO Umbria Colli Martani – this DOP oil is made with olives that are pressed within 24 hours of harvest for the freshest and most aromatic olive oil. 


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