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Top 4 Hiking Trails in Italy

Summertime in the United States is often a time for people to emerge from their hibernations and spend their time outdoors. From camping to hiking  there are a variety of activities that get you outside in the warmer months. 

I am one of those individuals who enjoy hiking. I love taking the dogs and going out in the woods or mountains or wherever. I have a running list of all the places in the United States I want to hike. I recently decided to add some places in Italy to that list. Here are my top 4 hiking trails in Italy. 

Il Sentiero degli Dei

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The Path of the Gods, or Il Sentiero degil Dei, is located along the Amalfi Coast. This four-mile hike starts at the town o Agerola and works its way down to Nocelle. This trail travels along the cliff’s edge giving you stunning views of the coastline and the island of Capri. There are about 1,000 steps to climb to the trailhead if you are coming from Praiano. There are also buses you can take to the starting point as well. 

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

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This trail is located in the Dolomites area of the Italian Alps. It’s a relatively easy 6-mile hike through flat terrain. The trail begins near the Rifugio Auronzo restaurant in Misurina. There is a parking lot located there as well which is great because this hike much more a day hike through the mountains. When you reach the peak of the trail you will have a spectacular view of the mountains and valley below.

Stromboli Volcano Trail

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This hike is not for the faint of heart as you will be climbing to the peak of an active volcano. This is an island community so you will have to take a two-hour ferry ride to get there. This hike must also be completed with a guide; there is no unaccompanied hiking permitted. These tours usually start in the late afternoon and return late in the evening. The trail is a tough hike up the side of a mountain. Even though there are 30 minutes scheduled throughout the trek this is served for those who can handle it. 

Alta Via

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The Alta Via is also located in the Dolomites. At 74 miles long, this trail is not for beginners and will require several days to complete. Hikers are not allowed to camp on this trail; instead, they are required to stay at the various mountain huts, or ‘rifugios’, along the path. The Alta Via is not only long but it is an extremely difficult trail with steep climbs and even steeper descents. There are a lot of side trails that intersect with Alta Via so make sure you have a reliable map with you at all times. Judging by the pictures I’ve seen this trip is well worth it. 


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