Top 6 Italian Fashion Trends 2020

Here are the top 6 fashion trends you will be seeing from Milan's 2020 Fashion Week.

Milan’s Fashion Week is a pivotal event in the fashion industry. Along with Paris, New York, and London, these events determine the trends consumers will see in the upcoming year. Here are the top 6 trends for 2020 from Milan’s fashion week.

Trench Coat Dresses

Trench coats have always been a fashion classic. It creates a sophisticated look for both men and women while often times acting a prop for stunning outfit reveal underneath. Well, it is now the trench coat’s turn to bask in the spotlight. With a variety of styles and lengths to choose from anyone can rock this trendy look. With a belt cinched at the waist, the final touch is added and the outfit is complete.

Tropical Prints

As soon as J.Lo hit the runway in that iconic green Versace dress, tropical prints were back. From dresses, coats, even suits, the breezy beauty of palm leaves and jungle vines can be seen on all the most fashionable trendsetters.  No longer are these prints regulated to the out of place tourists you often see, now it’s high fashion.

70’s Inspired Style

The 70s were an era of flower power and sticking it to the man. This bohemian style of clothing has been quite popular for many years, but Milan’s Fashion Week brought about a more modernized look to the style. Think bright, bold patterns and colors paired with rompers and crop tops. 

Shorts with Suits 

Gone are the days when a woman had to drag herself through the summer months clothed in a full suit for the sake of professionalism. Sure there was always the option to wear a shirt, but sometimes it just isn’t worth it. Now, these women can enjoy the comfort of shorts while still looking professional for their 9 am board meeting. 


Orange has had a love-hate relationship with the fashion industry for years. Sometimes it’s an obnoxiously bright color that doesn’t mesh with anything; other times its the staple color that brings everything together. 2020 is orange’s year once again. 


In sharp contrast to the bright colors previously highlight, cream is as neutral as you can get without going white. Many of the designers who showcased cream in their lines did it with suits and other business wear items. It gives a little bit of energy to the outfit without overwhelming it with color and patterns. 


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