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No-Bake Ricotta and Amaretti Cake

Who doesn't love an easy and quick no-bake type of recipe? Especially when it involves ricotta and the sweet flavour of amaretti, our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

Check out this delicious no-bake ricotta and amaretti cake recipe by Tutti a Tavola below!


• 750 g Fresh Ricotta
• 5 tbsp Sugar
• 500 g Sweetened Whipping Cream
• 300 g Amaretti Cookies
• 15 Savoiardi Cookies
• Almond Flavouring
• 100 g Coffee
• 100 g Water
• 1 cup Amaretto Liqueur
• 2 tbsp Sugar


1. Mix the ricotta with the 5 tbsps of sugar with a hand mixer.

2. Slowly incorporate the whipping cream and mix together.

3. In a separate bowl, mix in the coffee, water, amaretto liqueur and the 2 tbsps of sugar.

4. Cover a 26 cm pan with plastic wrap to mold the cake.

5. Soak the amaretti cookies in the coffee liqueur mixture and place them upside down at the bottom of the pan to create the cakes base.

6. When the bottom of the pan is fully covered with the amaretti, spread some of the ricotta cream mixture.

7. Soak about 15 savoiardi cookies and place onto of the ricotta cream until fully covered.

8. Add another layer of the ricotta cream mixture then coat the top of the cake with the remaining amaretti cookies. (Soak them first)

9. Cover the cake and place in the fridge for about 3 hours.

10. Once chilled, carefully remove the cake from the pan by flipping it over onto a plate.

11. Apply the remaining ricotta cream to the top of the cake along with crushed amaretti cookies and whatever other design you’d like. Now it’s ready to be served!


Main Photo and Video by [Tutti a Tavola]

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