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Top 5 Lasagna Recipes For National Lasagna Day 🇮🇹

July 29th is National Lasagna Day! Celebrate with one of these 5 mouthwatering recipes!

1. Lasagna alla Bolognese

Lasanga alla Bolognese is layered with the classic ragu sauce and lots of cheese. This recipe by Eataly is incredible!

2. The Vegetarian Lasagna

This vegetarian lasagna is mushroom based with spinach and ricotta, perfect for vegetarians and Meatless Monday’s!

3. Mama Rosa’s Lasagna

This family recipe by Rossella Rago is the best homemade lasagna! It is the ultimate comfort food and taste of home. 

4. Giada’s Lasagna Rolls

This unconventional lasagna is meatless and layered with delicious besciamella sauce!

5.  The “World’s Best” Lasagna

This lasagna is layered with sweet Italian sausage, beef, basil and three cheeses! 


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