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What Is the Most Affordable Region in Italy?

Can you guess what it might be?

Italy is commonly thought of as one of the more expensive countries. Although Italy is the 4th cheapest country to live in Western Europe, the cost of living is more expensive than 65% of all the other countries. Any big city like Rome, Milan, and Venice will have significantly higher prices for everything, but there are still plenty of places in the country that won’t put you in debt if you move. That particular region would be Abruzzo.

Abruzzo is located in central Italy, where it extends from the Adriatic Sea to the Apennines Mountains. The area includes the provinces of Pescara, Teramo, Chieti, and L’Aquila, the capital. The region is known for its National Parks and preserves, often referred to as the green lung of Europe. 

Pescara Marina

Visitors to the region often flock to the Trabocchi Coast, where they can see the old fishing net structures that gave the area its name. They can also visit the Roman coastal town of Vasto, home to the second tallest lighthouse in Italy. 

If people tire of the coast, they can head to mountains and hike through Abruzzo National Park or ski at the Passolanciano-Majelletta resort. Tourists can also explore the 16-century castle in Roccascalegna or visit Scanno, named one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. 

Castello di Roccascalegna

These attractions are only a few places amongst many that Abruzzo has to offer, but what makes this exciting region so affordable? 

Part of the reason is tourism is still relatively mild, and expat communities have not caught wind of the Abruzzo’s appeal yet. Another factor is the younger generation is moving to larger cities leaving these towns without a population to take the places of elders. This also contributes to a lower rate of employment opportunities. On the plus side, many of these villages survive on small shops and markets. An enterprising small business owner could do quite well. 

Gran Sasso, the highest peak in the Apennine Mountains

That being said, what has this done to pricing in the area? 

If you’re looking for a rental property, a one-bedroom will cost around $450 a month. If you’re in the market to buy, plan to spend about $25,000 to $65,000 for a home in the hills. Utilities will be around $250 a month and groceries about $300. Many people in this region grow their own food, so there is plenty of opportunities to bring your grocery expenses down even further. Additionally, the weather is relatively mild. You will eventually use your heating and AC, but you will use it less compared to other locations. 

Pietracamela in the Province of Teramo in Abruzzo

With the region’s abundance of natural wonders, many outdoor activities are free. For indoor activities, you can spend about $25 on a nice dinner out or get season tickets to the theatre for $110. Abruzzo is also a great starting point for traveling to other parts of the country, such as Venice, where a train ticket will only cost you $40.

Italy does not have to be an unattainable aspiration. You do not have to break the bank or put yourself in debt to live in your dream location. Simply invest your money and move to Abruzzo. 


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