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The Neapolitan Street Pizza You Need in Your Life – Parigina Recipe 🍕

This classic Neapolitan street pizza is named Parigina because it's topped with French pastry dough!

Parigina or parigine (plural) is a Neapolitan street pizza topped with French pastry dough, hence the name Parigina (Parisian). The bottom layer is pizza dough with layers of tomato sauce, ham, provolone and then topped with puff pastry and baked. Check out this phenomenal recipe by My Italian Recipes.


  • 500 g pizza dough 
  • 400 g passata (tomato puree)
  • 150 g prosciutto or ham
  • 150 g provolone
  • Puff pastry (A roll of ready-made puff pastry)


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