6 Pasta Shapes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of🍝

With over 500 different pasta shapes in the world, how can one possibly know all the types?

Spaghetti is great and so is lasagna, but have you ever tried pici? If not, then you’ve probably never heard of these other pasta shapes on our list! Learn about the 6 different pasta shapes that you’ve probably never heard about below!

1. Trofie

Trofie Fatte in Casa: Ricetta Tradizionale, Storia, Condimenti
Photo by Lorenzo Vinci

Also known as trofiette, this style of pasta originates from the province of Genoa. Its corkscrew spiral shape is best paired with a fresh pesto sauce.

2. Radiatori

Photo by Wikipedia

Similar to rotini but smaller and shorter. Radiatori pasta was created in the 1960s and was inspired by the old school radiators, hence the name radiatori which translates to radiators. Goes well with a think pomodoro sauce.

3. Pici

Pici bulk.jpg
Photo by Wikipedia

This pasta is similar to spaghetti but a little thicker and is the typical pasta for southern Tuscany. It pairs great with any type of sauce.

4. Campanelle

campanelle-pasta - Z Pastabar
Photo by Z Pasta Bar

Campanelle translates into bellflowers or little bells which is the shape of this pasta. It’s rolled like a little cone with beautifully ruffled edges. This pasta is meant to be served with a thick sauce or is great in a casserole

5. Pizzoccheri

File:Pizzochieri bulk.jpg
Photo by Wikimedia

Originating in Lombardy, this pasta is similar to tagliatelle except it’s short in size and is made of mainly buckwheat flour (hence it’s dark color). This type of pasta is best served with butter and vegetables.

6. Lumache

Lumache — Artisanal Pasta — Pasta & Noodles — Cooking — Nuts.com
Photo by Nuts

Lumache is one of the least common on the list and is also known as pipe pasta. The name lumache means snail shell which resembles it’s curved shaped. This unique shape is meant to hold whatever sauce you add inside its “shell”.

What are some other uncommon pasta shapes you know about? Let us know in the comments below.



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