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The Rarest Pasta in the World – Su Filindeu 🇮🇹

Su filindeu is the rarest pasta in the world! It comes from Sardinia and only 3 women know how to make it.

Su filindeu is made in Sardinia and is the rarest pasta in the world. Only three women know how to make it but there are no secret ingredients – it’s made of just semolina, water and salt. Su filindeu means “the threads of God” and it is just that! This pasta is hand stretched into razor thin threads and dried in the warm Sardinian sun. The origin is unknown but the tradition is more than 300 years old and it is enjoyed at the Feast of San Francesco. Filindeu is prepared in a sheeps broth with Pecorino cheese for the Feast of San Francesco but there are other variations as well. If you don’t make it to the feast, you can find it at these three Sardinian restaurants – Agriturismo Testone, Il Rifugio, Al Ciusa. Check out the video below to watch how it’s made!

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