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Guy Who Created Kiwi Pizza Says Wife Divorced Him After It Went Viral

There are numerous delicious pizza toppings in the world including prosciutto, basil, and mozzarella. One thing that does not belong on pizza? FRUIT.

The image below of this disgrace to Italian food was posted by Reddit user @re1313. A Swedish restaurant owner named Stellan Johansson thought it would be funny to come up with a “unique” recipe.

He received 10 kg (22 lb) worth of kiwi fruit as a gift and created kiwi pizza. After posting his creation on the internet, thousands of social media “foodies” expressed their disgust. The pizza caused heated arguments on Twitter and Reddit.

In an interview with UNILAD, Johansson explained, “I made my kiwi pizza in early January and the world has really changed since then. The world was shut down and I divorced.” “The kiwi pizza did not cause the corona – even though I have been accused of it – but I think the kiwi pizza contributed to my divorce.”

He explained that his ex wife thought his idea was unintelligent. She became angry when the pizza went viral and things spiraled from there.

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