October is Italian-American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the almost 26 million Italian-Americans residing in the United States today. This month is all about honoring those that came before, the sacrifices they made, and the hardships they endured. Here are some of the ways you and your family can celebrate this important occasion.

Share an Authentic Italian Meal


Break out the family recipes, whip up some homemade pasta, and share an authentic meal with close family and friends. You can share your memories of relatives who have passed and tell stories of trips to Italy or the area where your ancestors came from. 

Make a Traditional Italian Cocktail


Whether it’s a Negroni or an Aperol Spritz, kick-off heritage month with a delicious cocktail. You can toast your Italian ancestors for coming to America while lovingly preserving their traditions for future generations. If you need help deciding what type of cocktail to make, click the link here.

Volunteer for an Italian-American Organization or Charity


Many Italian immigrants would have never survived in America without the help of their community. In cities across the nation, Italians would congregate and celebrate their former homeland by sharing meals, holding festivals, and just providing a sense of familiarity in a strange land. To honor this sense of community, take some time to give back in whatever way you can.

Enjoy A Traditional Italian Dessert


Dessert is never a bad idea, so why not use the excuse of Italian-American Heritage Month to chow down on some of your favorites. 

Listen to Your Favorite Italian Artist


Music is a great way to celebrate your Italian heritage. Pop in your favorite artist and let your day be filled with the beautiful music only Italians/Italian-Americans can make. 

Educate Yourself on Your Family History


Some Italian-Americans do not have relatives in their lives to trace their roots back to Italy. However, there are so many online resources available to help you track your family’s journey. The site I would start with is Ancestry. They offer new members a free 30-day trial, and they have access to more records than you could ever imagine. One of my best finds was a copy of my grandfather’s World War II draft card. 

Learn some Italian-American History


Stop by your local library, watch a documentary, or listen to a podcast about Italian-American history. You can learn about the things your ancestors experienced when they arrived or research the role Italians/Italian-Americans played in America’s history. It can be about anything you want, just take the time to educate yourself.

Wear your Italian-American Pride


From t-shirts to bumper stickers, the Hardcore Italians online store has tons of merchandise for you to choose from. Each piece will display your Italian roots without you having to say a word. To view some of the items available, click the link here


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