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5-Year-Old Asks Italian Prime Minister if Santa Will Come for Christmas Amid the Pandemic

According to Italian PM Giuseppe Conte, Santa Clause has an international self-certification that can allow him to travel all over the world and still deliver gifts to children.

Worried that Santa won’t be able to deliver gifts this year, 5-year-old Tommaso, who lives with his family in Cesano Maderno, Italy, wrote an e-mail to Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with concerns.

Conte quickly replied to Tommaso’s email to assure him that Santa will still be able to deliver gifts. His letter read: “Santa has guaranteed me that he already has an international self-certification: he can travel everywhere and distribute gifts to all children around the world.”

Tommaso had also asked Conte if Santa could take away coronavirus as an “extra gift’.

Conte responded to this request by saying that the adults would have to take care of getting rid of the virus and kick it out so that children can go back to living carefree.



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