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Top 10 Best Italian Ricotta Cookies Recipes to Try This Christmas

With the holidays around the corner, it is the perfect time to start baking! There is nothing like biting into a freshly-baked ricotta cookie around Christmas!

Below, you will find the TOP 10 BEST Italian Ricotta cookie recipes (in no particular order) Try them out for yourself! 😍 Buon Natale! ❤️

1. Italian Ricotta Cookies

2. Orange Chocolate Chip Ricotta Cookies

3. Soft Ricotta Cookies with Vanilla Bean Glaze 🤍

4. Delicious Italian Ricotta Cookies – Recipe

5. Nutella Ricotta Cookies – Recipe

6. Lemon Ricotta Ring Cookies – Recipe by Rossella Rago

7. Delicious Italian Cannoli Cookies Recipe (With Video)

8. Delicious Cannoli Cookies

9. Ricotta Sprinkle Cookies With Lemon Frosting 🍋

10. Italian Ricotta Cookies – Rosella Rago

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