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Why Italian-American Christmas is THE BEST

There is truly nothing like Italian-American Christmas traditions. Anyone who is proud to be Italian is even more proud around the holidays!

1. The seafood

From crab legs, to shrimp, to calamari, to even MORE, nothing compares to the delicious fish served on Christmas Eve! You likely spend a week before Christmas eating light because you know that on Christmas Eve, you will eat enough for a family of 6!

2. The cookies

Christmas is the one day of the year where all of the BEST Christmas desserts are served AT ONCE! The table is covered with biscotti, cuccidati, pizzelle, and tiramisu! You know that regardless of how full you are, you better make room for the desserts! If you don’t eat at least 7 of your Nonna/Noni’s biscotti, she is going to give you “that look” and wonder if you don’t like them.

3. The family

For Italians, Christmas Eve means a home full of crazy siblings, parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. There are always 27 conversations occurring at once, at minimum. Your Nonno probably looks a bit confused at all times because he has no idea what conversation he is a part of.

4. The music

You better believe that Frank Sinatra, Bocelli, and Dean Martin are blasting which makes family members even HARDER to hear. But hey, what is Christmas without music!?

5. The vino

Let’s face it, everyone is tipsy on vino before dinner even begins and that’s what makes it fun!

6. The card games

Would it even be an Italian Christmas if there wasn’t gambling involved? Italian card and dice games are what make the holidays entertaining!

7. The laughter

It is a stated fact that at least one family member laughs so hard they are in tears before the night is over.

8. The Traditions and Memories

Most importantly, Italians keep traditions and make memories during the holidays. From having your Nonna teach you how to make pizzelle, to learning the secrets to perfecting crab gravy, Christmas Eve and Christmas day leave unforgettable memories and traditions for generations to come!

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  1. In another life I mustโ€™ve been Italian. The food is my passion. We are doing the 7 fishes feast for the first time this year. !

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