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14 BEST Holiday Cookie Recipes ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

These Italian cookie recipes are perfect for the holidays!

1. Rainbow Cookies

These classic cookies need no introduction! Rainbow cookies are incredibly delicious!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/11/22/amazing-rainbow-cookies-recipe/

2. Cuccidatiย 

These Italian fig cookies are to die for!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/11/18/best-cuccidati-cookies-recipe/

3. Ricotta Sprinkle Cookies

Ricotta sprinkle cookies are delicious and festive!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/11/06/italian-ricotta-cookies-2/

4. Spumoni Cookies

These chewy cookies taste just like the ice cream!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/07/28/best-spumoni-cookies/

5. Lemon Cake Cookies

These lemon cake cookies are easy to make in a pinch!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/11/20/easy-lemon-cake-cookies-recipe/

6. Mostaccioli Cookies

These cookies are filled with flavors of Christmastime!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/11/06/italian-mostaccioli-cookies/

7. Nutella Brownie Stuffed Hazelnut Cookies

These hazelnut cookies are filled with gooey Nutella brownies!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/08/21/best-nutella-brownie-stuffed-hazelnut-cookies-recipe/

8. Nonna’s Wine Cookies

These cookies are perfect dipped in coffee or wine!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/06/28/nonnas-italian-wine-cookies-recipe/

9. Befanini Cookies

These Italian shortbread cookies are made to celebrate La Befana in Italy!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/11/22/best-befanini-cookies-recipe/

10. Pignoli Cookies

These sweet, chewy cookies are covered in pine nuts!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/11/19/best-homemade-pignoli-cookies-recipe/

11. Italian Pride Sugar Cookies

The Italian flag colors are also Christmas colors, double festive!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/10/08/italian-pride-sugar-cookies-recipe/

12. Fiori di Sicilia Spritz Cookies

13. Brown Butter Espresso Cookies

These gooey brown butter, espresso cookies are filled with chocolate chips and perfect for dunking!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/11/20/brown-butter-espresso-chocolate-chip-cookies/

14. Chocolate Dipped Almond Horn Cookies

These crunchy cookies are delicious and gluten-free!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/10/23/chocolate-dipped-almond-horn-cookies/

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