8 Things You Can Learn From Nonna👵🇮🇹

From her recipes to her bag collecting, you can definitely learn a lot from nonna!

In an Italian family Nonna is usually always the monarch and whatever she says goes! She has probably even taught you a few things over the years that you still remember and do til’ this very day.

Check out our list of 8 things you can learn from Nonna!

1. How to Make Her Sauce

three clear glass jars on blue and white textile
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You might not perfect her recipe, but she’ll tell you all of her secret ingredients.

2. Her Bag Collecting Habits

white plastic bag on white table
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  Before you know it, you’ll have a collection of over 100 bags.

3. How to Sew Anything Back Together

Sewing, Buttons, Sew, Thread, Needlework, Handmade
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From sewing holes in your socks to putting a button back on your pants, Nonna knows it all.

4. How to Set the Table Nicely

red ribbon on clear wine glass
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You’ve probably been helping her since you were able to stand.

5. Her Favorite Cake and/or Cookie Recipes

person molding clay
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For every occasion, you’ll know all the best recipes.

6. How Long to Cook Pasta For

stainless steel cooking pot with yellow pasta
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Without even having to taste it, she knows when it’s perfectly done.

7. How to Make the Bed Perfectly

white bed linen with white pillows
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She has her way and is always so precise on making the bed.

8. How to Pray With the Rosary

silver and white beaded bracelet
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She may have even taught you the Hail Mary and Our Father in Italian too.

What are some other things we can learn from Nonna? Share your comments down below!



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