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Blue Grotto, Campania – Italy’s Natural Wonders

The vibrant blue waters of Grotta Azzurra take you to a new dimension!

When in Capri, “Grotta Azzurra” is a must! It is one of the most popular tourist attractions there. The Blue Grotto is a natural cavern in Italy that measures 25 meters (82.02 ft) wide and 60 meters (196.85) long. It cost about 14 euros or $16.62 to go in.

There are various ways to get to Grotta Azzurra. You can get there by rental boat, private boat, or by land! The following are some booking options.

You enter the Blue Grotto via a small rowboat. Passengers must lay on their backs when entering as the mouth is less than a meter high! Once in, your skipper will serenade you to traditional Neapolitan songs, as you can hear in the video below! You remain in the cave for about 5 minutes. Considering the long waits to get in, it makes sense that the trips are brief.


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