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Top 5 Most Beautiful Cities in Italy

Italy is one of the most breathtaking countries in the world. Here are the top five most beautiful cities!


If you plan to travel to Italy, Capri is a MUST. It has some of the most enchanting scenery in all of Italy, with its turquoise waters, vibrant flowers, and mountainous terrain. Capri also has so many things to do, from top-notch cuisine to the Blue Grotto, this city will not disappoint.


Venice is the city of love for a reason! It is located in northern Italy and has vibrant buildings connected by gorgeous and elaborate stone bridges. The spectacular views, canals, and gondolas make it one of Italy’s most stunning and romantic cities. Although many areas in Venice are too busy, you can find some serene spots, including the pier behind Hotel San Moise and many hidden paths!


Positano is a beach town in Italy on the Amalfi coast with astonishing views and some of the freshest and most tasty seafood! Although it is a common tourist location, you can find secluded beaches like Laurito Beach! Moreover, there are ways to visit this location on a budget!


Palermo, Sicily has so much historic architecture, making it extremely attractive. There are many things to do, meaning you will never get bored! It also has astonishing views. Visit the roof of Cattedrale di Palermo for a panoramic views of the city.


The Cinque Terre includes five old fishing villages in Liguria. These towns sit on top of the Italian Rivera and are some of the most scenic locations in Italy. There are many colorful buildings alongside sea cliffs and clear waters. If you love the sea, Cinque Terre is the perfect spot to rent a boat to explore the coves.

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