Dean Martin’s real name is Dino Paul Crocetti and he is a famous singer of Italian descent. His charm and charisma earned him the nickname of ‘The King of Cool’. In addition to performing as a solo artist, he was also part of the comedy duo ‘Martin and Lewis’ along with Jerry Lewis. Throughout his immensely successful career in the entertainment industry, Dean Martin released many hit songs and one of these was ‘Volare’.

Originally, ‘Volare’ was called ‘Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu’, which literally translates as ‘in the blue that is painted blue’. It was co-written by Franco Migliacci and Domenico Modugno and it was Modugno who released the first version of this song in 1958. It was chosen as the Italian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in the same year. At the first Grammy Awards in 1958, this song won the Grammy Award for the Song of the Year and was the first song ever to achieve this accolade.

Dean Martin also released his version of ‘Volare’ in 1958 and his track is half in English with the lyrics adapted by Bobby Rydell. It was one of the tracks on his album ‘This Is Dean Martin’. It had varying degrees of success internationally, achieving its best chart position in the UK where it peaked at number two in the UK Singles Chart.

You can listen to Dean Martin’s version of ‘Volare’ here:

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