TOP 10 BEST Nutella Recipes中

Some of the best Nutella recipes to have you celebrating World Nutella Day the right way!

It’s almost World Nutella Day and what’s a better way to celebrate than to make some of the best Nutella recipes! Of course we won’t judge if you just prefer to spoon-feed yourself from the jar… we’ve done it too!

1. 3 Ingredient Nutella Cookies

These are actually life changing!

2. Nutella Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Bananas and Nutella really do make the perfect pair.

3. Amaretti and Nutella Semifeddo

For when you are craving a cold sweet treat.

4. Nutella Tiramisu Baci Brioche

The flavors of tiramisu and Nutella all in one bite-sized dessert.

5. Nutella Bombolini

These don’t even need explaining… 中

6. Classic Nutella Cannoli

As if cannoli weren’t good on their own.

7. Nutella Popsicles

Kids will love these…but then again so will the adults!

8. 2 Ingredient Nutella Mousse

A quick and creamy Nutella treat.

9. Nutella Torrone

Nutella just takes every original recipe to the next level!

10. Nutella Sfogliatelle

This list wouldn’t have been complete without these!

What is your favorite Nutella recipe? Share them below in the comment section!

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