10. Cannoli Pancakes

Treat yourself to these fluffy cannoli and whipped cream pancakes for breakfast! 

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/06/05/fluffy-cannoli-pancakes-recipe/

9. Cannoli Ice Cream Pie

This chocolate crusted cannoli ice cream pie is so easy to make! 

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/08/04/cannoli-ice-cream-pie-recipe/

8. Cannoli Pound Cake

A slice of this cannoli pound cake for breakfast sounds like heaven!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/04/09/best-cannoli-pound-cake/

7. Cannoli Ice Cream

Sprinkled with bits of cannoli shells and mini chocolate chips, this ricotta cannoli ice cream is to die for!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/08/05/homemade-cannoli-ice-cream/

6. Cannoli Cones

This cannoli treat is so much fun to make and perfect for parties!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/02/07/cannoli-cones-recipe/

5. Cannoli Milkshake

This cannoli milkshake made with vanilla ice cream, pistacchios and chocolate chips is delicious!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/05/29/holy-cannoli-milkshake-%f0%9f%8d%a6-%f0%9f%98%8d/

4. Cannoli Coffee Cake

This cannoli coffee cake is filled with mascarpone cream and topped with chocolate chip crumbs!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/07/31/cannoli-coffee-cake-recipe/

3. No-Bake Cannoli Cheesecake

This no-bake cannoli chocolate chip cheesecake is the perfect summer dessert when you don’t want to turn on the oven!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/07/22/no-bake-cannoli-chocolate-chip-cheesecake-recipe/

2. Cannoli Cream Zeppole

These zeppole are topped with cannoli cream and are the best served warm!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/07/18/best-homemade-zeppole-with-cannoli-cream-recipe/

1. Cannoli Cream Cinnamon Rolls

You might eat all 12 of these cannoli cinnamon rolls in one day, they are so FREAKIN’ good. 

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/07/07/best-cannoli-cinnamon-rolls-recipe/


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