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10 BEST Tiramisu Dessert Recipes 🍰

These amazing tiramisu dessert recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth!

10. Lemon Blueberry Tiramisu

This incredible cake is layered with blueberries and lemon curd for a zesty take on the classic dessert.

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/07/24/best-lemon-blueberry-tiramisu-recipe/

9. Boozy Tiramisu Ice Cream Pops

These tiramisu ice cream pops are spiked with Kahlua for a delicious frozen boozy treat!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/08/06/boozy-tiramisu-ice-cream-pops/

8. Amazing Tiramisu Layer Cake

This recipe includes moist vanilla cake, tiramisu filling, and mascarpone buttercream, making it irresistible!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/04/14/amazing-tiramisu-layer-cake/

7. Chocolate Tiramisu Cake

The combination of semisweet chocolate chips, espresso, and whipping cream creates a truly irresistible treat!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/01/20/best-chocolate-tiramisu-recipe/

6. Incredible Tiramisu Cheesecake

The cheesecake is made with mascarpone cheese, coffee, and Amaretto liqueur and is sure to be one you love!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2019/11/08/delicious-tiramisu-cheesecake-recipe/


5. Tiramisu Macaroons

Add an Italian twist to a French dessert with these delicious Tiramisu Macaroons!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2019/11/08/tiramisu-macaroons-recipe/

4. Fresh Strawberry Tiramisu

This cake is made with fresh strawberries, ladyfingers and a velvety mascarpone filling!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/04/14/best-ever-strawberry-tiramisu-%f0%9f%8d%93/

3. Christmas Tiramisu

Add the perfect holiday touch to your ordinary tiramisu with this recipe! Not only does this dessert look absolutely beautiful, but it also tastes amazing too. It contains all the sweet and citrusy flavors of Christmas!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2019/11/20/the-best-christmas-tiramisu-recipe/

2. Vanilla Tiramisu Cupcakes

These super moist cupcakes are like having your own individual tiramisu cake! This kid-friendly dessert is absolutely delicious!

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/05/19/moist-vanilla-tiramisu-cupcakes/

1. Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake

If there is anything better than tiramisu, it’s this recipe for tiramisu ice cream cake! 

Recipe: https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/07/06/best-ever-tiramisu-ice-cream-cake-recipe/


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