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Top 10 Italian Appetizer Recipes for Christmas Eve

Italian Christmas Eve dinners are the best! From the fish, to the pasta, to the desserts! However, a good meal should begin with great appetizers! Feed you family well this year by trying some of the best Italian appetizers for Christmas Eve!

1. 4-Ingredient Escarole and Beans – Recipe

2. Authentic Baked Clams Oreganata – Recipe

3. Octopus Salad Recipe 

4. Foccacia with Olives & Onions – Recipe

5. Baccala Salad Recipe

6. Delicious Stuffed Mussels Recipe

7. 6 Ingredient Caprese Tomato Salad Recipe

8. Noni’s Amazing Parmesan Fried Zucchini – Recipe

9. Ricotta Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe – Laura Vitale

10. Asparagus​ & Shrimp Frittelle

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